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5 Tips for saving energy in your company!"



We have researched many ways for our customers to save on energy costs and along the way have found that North American Power has options for many of our customers to lower their rates with no obligation, no fees and you can cancel at any time with no penalties. Residential and Businesses can benefit from these programs. Please follow this link below and see if you are one of the many who can benefit from their programs. Feel free to contact us with questions, but this website should answer everything for you: www.napower.com/185786

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractor
We specialize in the installation of energy-efficient lighting to help your business save money!

Electrical Work
We can handle all electrical work for new construction and remodeling projects

Energy-efficient Lighting Products Dealer
We offer energy-efficient lighting options including LED, fluorescents and sensoring systems

Low-voltage Systems Installations
We can install security systems, surround sound, stereos, TVs and other media equipment in your building

Energy Broker Partner Across the USA
We provide assistance with locating cheap, reliable sources of electricity

EPACT and Utility Rebate forms assistance
We can help you fill out and submit all the necessary forms to receive your rebates that result from installing more efficient lighting throughout your facility

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