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Government Regulations...

T12 lamps. As of July 14, 2012, the U.S. manufacture or import of most T12 lamps is going to be restricted. This will cover most standard 4-ft T12 lamps, 8-ft T12 lamps, and 2-ft T12 U Tube fixtures. There are exemptions for some T12 lamps, such as cold temperature lamps. It is advised that all these types of lighting be upgraded to new T8 lamps.

When replacing these lamps it is recommended that new electronic ballast be installed at the same time so that you get the full life out of your new lamps and take advantage of the full savings offered by these new lights.

What Advantages do you get from switching?

  • Longer bulb life
  • Better lighting levels
  • Less energy consumption

Below is a snap shot of how much savings there is by updating your office lighting from T12 to T8. This sample is calculating the amount of energy saved annually using $.11/KWH blended rate and operating 50 hours per week. If you have longer hours this will only increase the savings.

Fixture TypeAnnual Wattage UsedAnnual Cost to Operate
4' 4 Lamp Office Fixture (40watt)484 KWh$53.20
84 Fixtures at your location40622 Kwh$4468.46
Proposed Fixture
Retrofit the above to 2 lamp T8 (32wall)187 KWh$20.59
84 Fixtures at your location15725 KWh$1729.73
Annual Dollars Saved$2738.74

This is nearly a 50% savings as you can see by the calculations. There are incentives for the end users to upgrade their locations that will off-set the costs of upgrading their lighting. ATS can offer you a free analysis of your location and see what incentives you qualify for.

Finding the Right Company to Help

When looking for the right contractor to assist you with this upgrade, it can be difficult to know which partner to choose to make sure you are getting the most for your money and quality workmanship. Research with your utility companies to see who is listed on their websites as a "Partner" or "Trade Ali". Those listed will be a good place to start since your utility company has recognized them as a reliable source.

Watch out for Dealers of lighting fixtures only.

There are a number of companies out there these days that can sell you lighting fixtures and retro kits for your facility. Many of these companies are dealers of these products and do not have their own electricians to install the materials they sell. They Subcontract the work out to other companies such as ATS to handle the installations. This often causes a problem when they are in a location and think they are offering you a solution, but they are unaware of the actual installation process that it takes to install their ideas and it could lead to more headaches because of an oversight. These companies are good at selling the products but tend to have a hard time knowing how to install the items they are selling.

ATS started out as an electrical contractor and continues to practice as a contractor while assisting customers with energy upgrades. We have full time electricians on staff and never subcontract out any portions of our projects. When you deal with ATS you deal 100% with ATS from the auditor to the installer.

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